Artist Statement

I believe that art is individuality.
No intellectual accomplishment, no technical adroitness and no present hold on “Zeitgeist” definitions, can supplant individual perceptions within the context of genuine creativity. Thus the artist tries with all her/his might to effectively communicate what is intensely personal in her/his very own way.

I myself would like to be remembered as someone who did not give up in trying to create something substantially noteworthy. My dream is to paint, sculpt and draw my essential, personal experience. I perceive, thus I exist – although there can be no proof of that…

I know nothing about existence.
Emotional perceptions dance with intellectual assumptions within my brain, heart and soul. This admission constitutes my inner peace.

Pressing forward in the search for meaning with authenticity is the artist’s task, and it is not an easy one. There are few (if any) convenient answers to the most difficult questions. Often there are no answers at all. Certainly nothing can be considered reliably bullet proof. Given this circumstance, and within the admittance thereof, one might be tempted to embrace hopelessness.

Yet hope remains that individual perception has the potential to have universal merit. There is so much beauty in this war-stricken, competitive and tearful world. Human brutality cannot erase the beauty that inspired so many artists of the past and present. Beauty may be ridiculed, distorted and even destroyed, but it’s stubborn persistence is unmistakable. It rises out of the ashes wherever possible. This has been my experience thus far, and I intend to continuously clad my observations in paint, bronze and stone for as long as I can.

Patrick Devonas, January 2013, Surava, Switzerland

“Patrick is an extremely talented painter. He applies himself to his work with a seriousness and determination that I find quite remarkable. I have encountered few with his natural affinity for paint and even fewer with his poetic instincts. He is an avid reader and has a spirited intellectual curiosity. He paints and draws with confidence and self possession and draws from a broad range of technical knowledge and skill.”

Vincent Desiderio

“Patrick has a rich imagination that leads him to create highly ambitious works of great power and beauty. In all of these compositions, Patrick addresses an admirable range of subjects and themes, yet brings to them a sensuous delight in the earthly and human that is intensified by his deep sense of the mystery of existence.”

David Davidson, PHD


Curriculum Vitae

Patrick Devonas was born in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1965. At age 16, he was accepted to the Kunst-gewerbeschule Luzern (local art academy). In 1986, Patrick moved to the United States to study art and in 1990 graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from BYU. He then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to continue his studies at Atelier Le Sueur with Steven Levin, Annette Le Sueur, and Richard Lack. After graduating from the Atelier in 1994, Patrick, who had a keen interest in art education, taught drawing and painting at the Minnesota River School of Fine Art.

Receiving a scholarship to the New York Academy of Art, he moved to NYC where the instruction of Randy Melick and Vincent Desiderio influenced his working methods. Patrick received his Master of Fine Arts degree, Cum Laude, from the New York Academy of Art in 1997 and began teaching painting classes at the Academy and later privately out of his studio. In 2005, Patrick and Bill Whitaker founded the Carl Bloch Academy.

Returning to Switzerland in 2012, Patrick is teaching workshops and has founded Atelier Narasca with painters and teachers Dorian Iten and Esther Gnaedinger, where he offers private instruction.

Patrick Devonas’ works are sought by collectors in both Europe and the United States. He has been commissioned to execute paintings for numerous private individuals and is primarily producing artwork that reflects on the human condition.

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